Sunday Brunch

Menu Prices Subject to Change

Eggs DiGiulio 
Two Poached eggs on fried eggplant medallions, topped with a creole sauce and served with garlic-cheese grits & italian sausage
Pasta Frittata 
Spaghettini with your choice of any three ingredients, tossed with eggs and cooked as an Italian omelet, served with fresh fruit.
Eggs Benito 
Our version of eggs benedict, English muffins topped with soppressata, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, served with grilled tomatoes & garlic-cheese grits.
Spaghettini Carbonara 
A Roman dish of spaghettini tossed in a creamy blend of eggs & parmesan cheese with bits of bacon.
Schnitzel Holstein 
A favorite of the Alto Adige, breaded scallopine of veal, fried and topped with fried egg and anchovies, served with spaghettini or garlic-cheese grits.
Tenderloin Tips 
Marinated char-grilled beef tips served on a bed of orzo pasta in a butter cream sauce, with grilled zucchini & mushrooms.
Grilled Tuna Salad 
Tuna steak grilled and served on a bed of romaine with sweet onion, tomato, boiled egg & green olives, topped with a dijon-Steens dressing.

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